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proyecto de gobalo

Proyecto Libera, raising awareness and mobilizing

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The LIBERA Project was created in 2017 with the aim of raising awareness about the problem of littering in natural environments, mobilizing citizens to promote the collection of so-called litter.

Since it began, LIBERA has managed to gather 61,942 volunteers, also boosting the environmental commitment of more than 11,250 students in Spain.

Strategy was key

Disseminate the project and publicize the various initiatives in which the Libera project participates. A secondary objective is the need to facilitate the organization of collections in natural environments and their management through a tailor-made platform.

To achieve these objectives, we created a simple and intuitive website for users that brings together the large amount of content it encompasses based on a design system created ad hoc. The goal is to maintain visual order and make the website capable of growing at the same pace as the LIBERA project does.

Results that add up

  • Conversion rate improved by 765% (newsletter subscription).

  • 41.7% increase in the number of volunteers participating in collections and 39% increase in organized collections.

  • 52% increase in organic visibility (SEO).

  • Decrease in bounce rate by 9.6%.

  • Improvement of 49.8% in average session duration.

  • In the natural parks directory, we observed an increase in traffic of 319.3% and an improvement in the average time per page of 13.3%.

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

Strategy was key

To give visibility to the LIBERA Project, we created a customized microsite to make it easier for any user to create and manage their own collection or sign up for one of the existing ones, easily managed by the client.

In this way we generated an ecosystem of websites that covered different objectives aimed at different audiences, including the Aulas Libera microsite to facilitate knowledge about the problem of landfill to the younger population and helping to disseminate it through a digital game aimed at schools and institutes. In order to meet all the objectives we use specific development technologies for each product.

As the months went by, we noticed that the LIBERA project had grown exponentially, resulting in a website where user experience was not the focus. We invested months of research to identify the main needs and, based on that information, we created a design system. At the same time, we took a technical step forward by creating from scratch a custom CMS that today allows us to include new content in the structure in a simple way and in coherence with the rest of the pages.

All this work has resulted in a much faster, modern and updated platform that allows its users to find without any complication both the value proposition and the many branches that encompass the LIBERA project.

See the result of our work! VISIT WEBSITE
proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

This project is special because it was initially planned as a simple strategy that, little by little, grew to involve all the disciplines of the agency. We are currently working together to optimize the whole process, improving the web architecture, creating a consistent design system, adapting and incorporating new sections for better search engine positioning and generating new content to improve user engagement through a UX/UI strategy.