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proyecto de gobalo

FAIN, strengthening the digital presence of a leader in the lifting industry.

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FAIN is a Spanish company with an international presence, a leader in the sector with more than 60 years of experience in multi-brand maintenance, assistance and installation of different elevator systems.

They offer personalized advice on accessibility projects, energy efficiency improvements, installation, new construction, replacement and modernization of elevators.


Modernize FAIN’s brand image through digital media, as well as consolidate the association of the company’s main commitments to the user.

In addition, we sought to convey social responsibility and the attraction and retention of talent, positioning FAIN as an attractive and renowned work place in Spain; promoting awareness and engagement through valuable content.



  • 196% increase in the number of followers on Social Media.
  • 850% increase in the volume of impressions on all its social networks.
  • 165% increase in the total number of interactions.
  • Optimization of blog traffic: more than 5,500 sessions and 4,000 users/month in 2022.

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

Digital strategy

The initial priority of the project was to provide digital continuity to the company’s global corporate strategy. To this end, special weight was given to rethinking the tone, messages and themes, which led to a complete update of the digital communication strategy.

A strategy was created to provide commercial support to the company, being the first point of contact between the brand and users and seeking to generate an easily recognizable identity that facilitated the sales team’s subsequent work.

In order to execute and subsequently implement this strategy, we formed a team representing all the necessary fields in the project (content, paid media, SEO and web) that used agile methodology tools (Trello) and strategic meetings to maintain constant communication with the client, allowing both parties to be on the same page regarding the objectives to be met.


proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

We helped drive FAIN’s digital modernization, positioning it as a leading company in the minds of consumers, which subsequently helps the sales team to hit the company’s targets.