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proyecto de gobalo

Endesa Clientes, we led the Social Media content strategy

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  • Social Media
  • Visual Design

Leaders in the energy sector in Spain with more than 5 million users, Endesa Clientes has a strong commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Its main mission is to provide customized attention to consumers through all social channels and generate valuable content for them.

A joint objective

Optimizing the digitization of its channels, contributing to digital sales and communicating digital innovation are primary objectives.

Secondly, boosting user interaction through content that answers their questions, thus allowing customers to answer their own online queries. Finally, obtaining a high level of engagement through inspirational content, leaving aside the more technical aspects that are so common in this sector.

These were the results (in 18 months)

  • Consolidation on Instagram, after its launch from scratch, as the customer channel in the energy sector with the most followers (46,000) and the greatest reach (9,000 users per day).
  • 34% increase in the number of Facebook followers and 10% in impressions.
  • 47% increase in the Twitter community and 74% in the number of impressions.

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

We design a specific strategy

After absolutely fundamental immersion work, the objectives, priorities and modus operandi of the content strategy on Social Media were redefined, in consensus with the Endesa Clientes work team. This way, themes, formats, sponsorships, contests, sweepstakes and visual lines adapted to current events and new user demands were implemented, with a continuous optimization applied on a quarterly basis, based on the interpretation of the obtained results obtained.

We created a coherent, cohesive and recognizable visual brand line for Endesa Clientes. In order to make content more dynamic and to vary the themes, we established specific graphic elements that allowed users to differentiate each content territory at a glance.

In addition, we proposed a paid media strategy that specifically established the investment parameters as well as the organization of each campaign. To this end, we prioritized the most relevant content and formats, making the most out of the strengths of each channel. Considering each network independently, we sought to enhance synergies and feedback from the different channels, generating complementary strategies.

proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

In order to achieve the objectives set out with Endesa Clientes, the synergy among the departments of digital strategy, creativity and paid media was essential, as was the Góbalo team’s daily work with the company’s Marketing department.

Despite being a complex project, the planning and initial definition of a coherent strategy positioned Endesa Clientes’ social media channels as leaders in the sector.