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proyecto de gobalo

Ampersand: rejuvenating a brand

  • Consulting
  • Web Development
  • Social Ads
  • Social Media
  • Visual Design

Ampersand is a brand of gin that belongs to the Osborne Group.

Among its differentiating values is the wide variety of flavors in its range: melon, strawberry, mango-chili, London gin and blueberry.

What was the objective?

On the one hand, we sought to reactivate its social media profiles to attract a more rejuvenated target and in line with the values that Ampersand seeks to convey, focusing mainly on Instagram and Facebook. Once reactivated, the goal would be to build community loyalty and become the reference brand for flavored gins.

In lockstep, we would work on the creation of a new website, according to its new brand image and to answer all the questions that users may have about Ampersand.

Results (social networks - 4 months)

  • + than 8,000 followers on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram).
  • + than 1 million of impressions on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram).
  • + than 50,000 interactions on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram).
  • The average web session lasted 3 minutes, with approximately 3 pages seen per session.
  • 60% of web traffic is from social networks.
  • Web bounce rate percentage under 60%.

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

Strategy made the difference.

Through the digital strategy we developed, we detected numerous opportunities we could implement on Ampersand’s social networks. We defined a voice and tone according to the Generation Z, developed content lines based on current trends (memes, videos, humorous content, etc.) and gave the profile a very characteristic visual image. All this, added to the implementation of a sponsorship plan, helped us to achieve the established objectives.

The new website was created thanks to the contributions of all the departments: design, development, content, UX/UI and SEO. One of the main challenges was to coherently align Ampersand’s entire digital ecosystem.

See the result of our work! VISIT WEBSITE
proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

As the project integrated the entire digital universe of Ampersand, we were able to respond similarly to the needs of their social networks and their website, generating a cohesive image of the brand that, thanks to the work of all Góbalo’s departments, helped us rejuvenate the brand image of this beverage.