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proyecto de gobalo

ABEA: bringing digital awareness to a rare disease.

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ABEA is an association based in Mallorca dedicated to bringing awareness to Corino de Andrade’s disease.

It is a rare condition also known as transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis (ATTR). Their noble purpose is to try and improve the quality of life not only of those affected by this disease, but also those closest to them.

Aiming to make an impact

In the first phase of the project, we worked on the creation of nine educational video capsules under the name ‘ATTR Learning Project’. The project is an educational program that aims to raise awareness of transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis (ATTR).

Through short videos, we present the disease from various points of view, each of them reinforced by the collaboration of different professionals (one per month, from January to September 2021), aimed at patients, families and the medical community.

In each of the videos, we carried out the script, voiceover, storyboard with animations designed from scratch, and creation of the video, as well as the strategy, monitoring and optimization of Social Ads through campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, segmented in Spain and Latin America.

Dissemination, awareness, education and practical information were the main objectives of the project, which also served to highlight the work of ABEA (Asociación de Baleares Enfermedad de Andrade) and to reach a large number of people digitally.

In the second phase, to ensure that more people knew about this association and could collaborate, we optimized ABEA’s website, including improvements at different levels.

Visible Results

ATTR Learning Project (9 months long):

  • 7,170,877 people reached, with an average of 717,088 people reached per video capsule.
  • 8,913,382 impressions, with an average of 891,338 impressions per video capsule.
  • 24,999 total views of the project, with an average of 2,500 total views per capsule.

Web optimization:

  • The website starts to gain visibility in search results.
  • It has 88 key words in Google’s TOP 100.

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

We design a specific strategy

Various departments in the agency participated:

  • Web development: CMS version update, plugin review, cookie notice implementation, 301, 400 error review, etc.
  • Content: Development of the script for the nine video capsules, in conjunction with ABEA and the medical specialists involved.
  • Creativity and web design: Design and animation from scratch of the nine capsules. In addition, unification of web fonts and alignment of text blocks, revision of the header and creation of a new section containing the ATTR Learning Project.
  • Paid social: Creation of campaigns with specific segmentation on Facebook and Instagram for disseminating videos.
  • SEO: review and update of the sitemap and robots, WPO analysis, review of the web architecture, etc.
  • Analytics: implementation of SEO & Analytics monitoring tools: Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console.

Thanks to the creative development of the video capsules, we managed to transfer practical and useful information in an educational way to a segmentation that showed interest in the fields of medicine and education -in Spain and Latin America-, detailing the key aspects of this genetic disease: carriers, nutrition, physical exercise, occupational therapy and psychosocial aspects, among others.

We also worked on the in-depth analysis of the points for each field that affected the website in order to detect areas for improvement, which we then addressed. This objective contributed to accelerating digital conversions, in the form of new partners and/or contacts, thus reinforcing the overall project objectives.

See the result of our work! VISIT WEBSITE
proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

In order to ensure the success of this project, it was key we delve into it. The social value provided by ABEA emphasized the team’s commitment to the objectives. After contributing to the awareness of Corino de Andrade’s disease, having reached millions of people in Spain and Latin America, while at the same time strengthening the web presence of an Association with such noble objectives, are two tasks that have reminded us why we are dedicated to creating digital strategies.