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proyecto de gobalo

Universidad Nebrija, increasing conversions, filling classrooms

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  • SEO
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  • Visual Design

Continuing education is essential to achieving professional success, as there are countless undergraduate and graduate degree options along with the range of independent and online options.

Universidad Nebrija first placed its trust in us in 2012 to lead its digital marketing strategy with the aim of attracting new students.

A simple objective, yet not simple at all

To turn Nebrija University into one of the benchmark universities in the Community of Madrid, to help students perceive the differential values of the university’s educational options and to increase student recruitment and the number of final enrollments.

The results speak for themselves

We achieved the annual objectives for lead acquisition and enrollment with a significant reduction in costs.

  • 10% increase in organic sessions to undergraduate URLs and 23% to graduate URLs.
  • 38% increase in organic leads (2021 vs. 2020).
  • 10% increase in organic traffic among undergraduates and 19% increase in organic traffic among graduates.
  • 8% increase in the visibility of the domain.
  • +25% followers on Social Media.
  • +36% engagement on Social Media.

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

Strategy was key

We developed a multichannel digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting potential undergraduate and graduate students, based mainly on performance to capture leads through different channels (Paid Search, Display and Affiliation).

As part of a seasonal approach to give more weight to the times of the year when students decide on their future university, a specific creative strategy was developed to optimize campaigns using an image and messages that were attractive to the target. At the same time, we worked on an SEO strategy to attract students not only through paid media, but also organically. Finally, we used Social Ads to create a coherent global identity in the digital environment that allowed us to reach users throughout all phases of the conversion funnel: from learning about the university to enrolling in the project.

See the result of our work! VISIT WEBSITE
proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

This project is enriching in all senses due to its cross-cutting nature. The strategy was designed to digitally accompany the user from the outset until our final goal. To do so, it was essential to master the technical skills that allowed us to achieve this at all times, but it was also essential to understand their needs at each stage and reach people with digital empathy. Working for so many years side by side with the Universidad Nebrija team has allowed us to strengthen professional relationships based on transparency.