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proyecto de gobalo

Formación Prevención, we created a digital strategy from scratch

  • Analytics
  • CRO
  • Web Development
  • Social Ads
  • Social Media
  • Visual Design

Formación Prevención is a training center for occupational risk prevention courses.

Since 2012 it has been working tirelessly to provide individuals, companies and freelancers with everything they need to improve their professional prospects.

We catered to its business needs

One of the priorities of the project was the need to create an e-commerce that satisfied current market demands as well as very high quality standards in terms of design, user experience and usability.

First results

  • Configuration and launch of four new social channels, with a mass of more than 8,000 followers, more than 190,000 impressions/month and more than 5,000 interactions/month (20 months).
  • Improved visibility index by +22.4% after publication of new website (12 months).

proyecto de gobalo
proyecto de gobalo

Strategy made the difference.

With special emphasis on the value proposition, differentiating factors with respect to the competition and their specific needs, after this e-commerce was published, specific tasks were carried out in all fields. Special relevance was given to the Reach phase of the project. We then delved into the Consideration phase that sped up digital conversions and reinforced the overall business objectives related to the project.

See the result of our work! VISIT WEBSITE
proyecto de gobalo

Why is this project special?

This project was special because of the close collaboration with the client, which helped implement a whole new digital strategy; from the approach, design and development of a new website, to the launch of social media channels. Formación Prevención was just another member of the agency’s team, unconditionally trusting our recommendations and proposing, together, improvements based on the results.